GET SET GO…………     

   The much awaited 54th annual athletic meet was held on Wednesday 31st October 2018 at St. Xavier’s ground, Parel with great zeal, excitement  and frolic. The Students were filled with thrills, shrills and cheers. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Steven D’cruz and Mrs. Jaswinder Kaul the proud Parents of our Head Girl Ms. Sheen D’cruz.

          The day began with the welcome note by the Supervisor,  Ms.Anisa, followed by the welcome dance. The School flag was unfurled and the meet was declared open.  The first item was the display by the Karate Kids. They enthralled us with their moves.

          The most coveted event of the day was the March Past where the four houses competed with each other for the first place. It was indeed a treat to the eyes to watch them march in unison to the beat of the band.

          The energetic and colourful PT displays by the girls was truly praise worthy. Also the Lezim dance brought in the Maharashtrian spirit among us.

          The Students cheered the athletes as they vied to be on the first position. Races for Parents, Teachers, Ex-Students and the support staff got everybody in action.

          The enthusiasm could well be seen among the audience throughout the program  but especially during the tug o’war was won by the house of St.Mathew.

          The day came to an end with the vote of thanks given by the Head Girl and the lowering of the School flag.

          The results were as follows

Individual Championship :

Under 12- Saanjh Patil (St. Luke)

Under 14- Simone Parmar (St. John)

Under 16- Britney Dias (St. Luke)

Under 18- Harika Vinakoti.

Best Athlete of the meet- Britney Dias

Best House in March Past- St. Luke

Fastest Athlete of the meet- Britney Dias

The most coveted Trophy , the champion of the athletic meet was awarded to Britney Dias.

Well Done Agnesians and Heartiest Congratulations to one and all.