Good Touch and Bad Touch.
Feb 25 @ 5:42 am – 6:42 am

13th February 2020.

An informative talk was arranged for the students of Std: V on 13th February 2020 by API Nitin Gaikwad and lady constable Sarvada Sarvade to make them aware about Good Touch and Bad Touch. They were also informed of the measures they can take if they find themselves in a risky situation.

The topics for discussion were on sexual harassment, awareness of one’s surroundings and certain rules that one needs to follow as responsible citizens.

Marathi, Malayali Ethnic Fest 2020.
Feb 25 @ 5:49 am – 6:49 am

.On 14th February 2020, an art competition was held at Nehru Science Centre by AMMA, to celebrate the  “Marathi, Malayali Ethnic Fest 2020”.

Purva Jasud From Std: V- B secured the First place. She was awarded with a Certificate and a Trophy.

Congratulations Purva for your success.


English Elocution Competition.
Feb 25 @ 5:54 am – 6:54 am


The Florrie Sopher Interschool Elocution Competition was held on 10th February 2020 at E. E. E. Sassoon High School. The competition had two categories, the Juniors and the Seniors.

The Junior group participants were Namra Shaikh, Jessica Furia and Mukta Sawant Desai from Std: VII while the Senior group participants were Brooklyn D’Souza, Kasturi Gawde and Aashna Salve from Std: VIII.

Each of the groups were given four topics from which the participants had to select one topic.

From the Junior group, Namra Shaikh and Jessica Furia spoke on the topic, “Failure is success if we learn from it” while Mukta Sawant Desai spoke on, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

In the Senior group, Brooklyn D’Souza spoke on the topic, “Security of women in India”, Kasturi Gawde spoke on, “Pollution – A great hazard” and Aashna Salve spoke on, “Woes of the farmer”.

Namra Shaikh and Jessica Furia from the Junior group and Kasturi Gawde and Brooklyn D’Souza from the Senior group were selected for the final round that took place on 11th February 2020.

It was a great experience and a proud moment when the participants from the Senior group won the Rotating shield while those from the Junior group won Consolation prizes.


Marathi and Hindi Poetry Recitation.
Feb 26 @ 9:04 am – 10:04 am

11th February 2020.

Marathi being the official language of our State and Hindi being the National language, Poetry Recitation Competition was held for the students of Std: V to VII on 11th February 2020 to enhance their skill of reciting poems with diction and clarity.

Children were provided with a platform to master the skill of speaking our State and National language fluently and confidently. Children showcased wonderful and excellent command of the language, backed with the effort and hard work of our language teachers.

Various poems were recited on the importance of a mother, gifts of nature to mankind, preservation of the environment, etc.


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