Programme on the Feast of St. Claudine Thevenet



On the occasion of the feast of St. Claudine Thenvent an entertainment programme was prepared by the different institutions at Clare Road to express our love and gratitude for the sisters of the community here.

The programme began with a beautiful Spanish dance by the students of the senior school. This dance was followed by Little Claudine speaking to the audience, encouraging all to follow in her footsteps of forgiveness. An incredible solo performance by one of the students brought to life, feelings of love for our mother Foundress, as Mrs Olivia reminisced fond memories she has had as a student and a teacher. The students of St. Margaret’s College, through a dance performance brought a beautiful message of the relentless, untiring services which the sisters of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary have been carrying out in many countries across the globe. The babies of the Primary Section left everyone speechless with their song ‘My life is in you.’

The staff of all the institutions at Clare Road joined the Sisters for cutting a cake to celebrate the occasion. An elaborate sumptuous lunch was served for all to end the programme.

Praised Forever be Jesus and Mary.