Our school participated in the ward level science exhibition held at Anjuman Islam School, Nagpada from 11th December to the 12th of December.

The theme for the exhibition was “Scientific Solutions for Challenges in life”.

The junior level group made a “Bicycle Mobile Charger”. This charger which worked on human resource helped to conserve and minimize the use of electricity. The little minds worked hard and helped create electricity by pedaling and this electricity could be used to charge mobiles, tablets using a USB chord.

Thus a great amount of electricity could be saved and help in conservation of electricity.

Avani Sawant

                                                                                                Wama Jain

                                                                                                          7th A

Our senior level group prepared a project on the sub theme, “Resource Management”.

Students from standard 9th prepared a working model on automatic irrigation and plant watering system using soil moisture sensor. A proper usage of irrigation system is very necessary because there is shortage of land reserved water due to lack of rain. The automatic irrigation system senses the moisture content of the soil and automatically switches the water pump on. The aim of the implementation of this project was to demonstrate that the automatic plant irrigation can be used to reduce water use and save time.