About Us

St. Agnes’ High School is an English Medium School managed by the religious of Jesus and Mary. It prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination in a ten + two year course.

The school is open to pupils of all classes and creeds. St. Agnes’ was started for the poor and the middle class Catholic girls, as there was no school where they could be admitted in order to foster in them Christian ideals.

Our school with its present 2600 pupils had very humble beginnings. It started as a day school under another name. In 1900 it emerged as St. Agnes’ High School. In 1912 it was granted recognition by the Education Department.

It is the aim of our school to bring about the total and all round development of the child: physical, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social growth, so as to form girls with integrated personalities, while taking into consideration the personal need of the individual and also that of the changing world of today. We strive for the spiritual and human formation of the pupil, and promote the dignity of the girls child while fostering social relations. The young student is thus given a chance to acquire a better knowledge of the world and as a consequence a desire to be of real service to her country is awakened in her.

Through the education we impart in our school, we bear in mind that our pupils have the following rights:
– To know and love God
– To weigh moral values with an upright conscience.
– To embrace moral values based on a personal conviction.

St. Agnes High School completed its Centenary in December 2012. Over the years the Sisters of Jesus and Mary have focused on the education of the girl child. Priority has been given to the Catholic Ethos and Philosophy of the School. This focus has not changed and in 2013 St. Agnes’ is privileged to move ahead in raising the standard of its Educational level to Junior College, much in keeping with the needs of the State and Society.