St. Mark

Blue: You know you can; and we know that in the generosity of your heart, you will curb all those vile inclinations in you that lead to so many hurt feelings, perhaps even tears. What is more common, you will not be satisfied with merely taking this negative approach. You are certainly going to look for opportunities where you can route out the cause of misunderstandings between your companions or between the members of your family and sow the seeds of peace and happiness. With your help then, we will be able to reap a greater harvest of those commodities – peace and happiness – of which the world today is so starved.




St. Mark is represented by a lion; and it seems a happy coincidence that this should be so, for this symbol is truly representative of the personality of St. Mark. He possessed a brave spirit, like that of a lion. He was the first to preach the Christian religion at Alexandria, and continued with courage and inspiration till he was martyred.