St. Agnes – Our Patron Saint

stagnesSt. Agnes, after whom or school is named was born in 292 AD in Roman nobility, into a Christian family. At the age of 13, she suffered martyrdom for her faith. Agnes had made a promise, a promise to God never to stain her purity. Her love for the Lord was very great and she hated sin even more than death.

Since she was very beautiful, many young men wished to marry her, but she would always say, “Jesus Christ is my only spouse”. She was condemned to death in 305 AD when she refused to turn against God. She kept her consecrated virginity intact.

After her death she appeared to her parent accompanied by a while lamb. This and a resemblance of her name to Agnus (lamb) made a lamb her principal emblem.

St. Agnes is the patron saint of betrothed couples, chastity, young girls and rape victims.