House System – Primary Section

St. Agnes the Patron Of Red House

Virtues: Innocence, Purity and Love for Jesus

St. Agnes, Patron of children a virgin martyr and patron of girls was of noble Roman family. Warm hearted and kind to everyone. Agnes means a little lamp. When the Emperor’s son requested her to marry him she said “I am already engaged to Jesus and He will be my spouse and He alone.
After much suffering and torture Agnes was beheaded. While her parents were praying at the grave Agnes appeared to them with a little white lamb in her arms. She told them, do not cry for me, I am so happy to be the pure bride of Jesus.
We celebrate the feast of St. Agnes the patron Saint of Red House on 21st January

Captain  – Abigail D’Souza IV – A
Vice Captain  – Roha Ansari IV – A

St. Maria Goretti – Patron St. Of Blue House

Virtues :Purity, Forgiveness, Refusal to sin, Loved Jesus more than everything.

St Maria Goretti, Patron of Children and Youth, an Italian virgin and martyr model of purity, patron of children became a Saint because she had the courage to say ‘No’ to the impure advances of the young man who became the killer of this Saint. Maria died violently after being stabbed 14 times for refusing to give up her purity. She pardoned Alexander inspite of his brutal attack. Today the incorrupt body of St. Goretti is enshrined in a glass urn in the church at Nettuno.

We celebrate the feast of St. Maria Goretti on 6th July

Captain – Arya Sante IV – D
Vice Captain – Noriska Pinto IV – D

St. Joan of Arc:Patron of Green House

Virtues: Courage, Patriotism, Love for Jesus and Sacrifice

St. Joan of Arc Patron of Youth was the maiden warrior who led the French army against English invaders at the city of Orleans .When she was 13 years old she began having visions of supernatural origin.She heard the voice of God from a tree.

St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret revealed to Joan that she was to save France. She was captured and put in prison by the English soldiers. She was burned alive at the stake in Rouen. Joan called to Jesus and Mary as the flames consumed her. In death as in life, She carried the banner of Jesus and Mary and proclaimed her fidelity to Christ. Her feast day is on 30th May

Captain – Shanaya Khandelwal IV – B
Vice Captain – Sana Irani IV – B

St. Theresa of the child Jesus Patron of Yellow House

Virtues: Self Forgetfulness ,Humility and Simplicity .

St Theresa of the child Jesus, Patron of Youth national patron of France known as “The little flower.” She led a hidden life buried behind the cloistered walls of Carmel in Lisieux .Humility and simplicity of heart is needed to find peace of soul after which all seek but so few find. To forget oneself above all things by avoiding self seeking. Theresa excelled in the love of God. My vocation is to love Jesus above all things. A life lived by love ended with this final outburst of love.
Her feast day is 1st of October

Captain – Leona Goes IV – C
Vice Captain – Nysa D’Souza IV – C