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“From the sky serene and far, a voice fell like a falling star, ‘Excelsior! Excelsior!” – Longfellow

One has probably heard the story of the youth, who would not be deterred in his determination to undertake the extremely hazardous task of climbing a snow-clad and danger-ridden mountain in the Alps.

Henry Longfellow, in his verses, tells of how nothing could hold this young man back – neither the discomfort caused by the biting cold, nor the threat of the roaring tempest and the awful avalanche; yes, even the pleadings of his loved ones were in vain! On he went, holding aloft a banner which boldly proclaimed the word that he cried out from time to time “Excelsior!” Still higher!

When his lifeless body was found half-buried in the snow, his hand still grasping “that banner with the strange device,” it seemed that he had at last paid for his foolishness. But not so! For God, having appreciated his steadfast spirit and his undaunted perseverance had raised him to heights which extended far beyond the limits of this world; and in the words of Longfellow, “From the sky serene and far, a voice fell like a falling star, ‘Excelsior! Excelsior!’”

Agnesians, across the world have adopted the watchword of this great young man; for, like him, they believe in proceeding ever higher. An Agnesian can never be satisfied with merely having attained the immediate goal. For having achieved this, there will loom higher peaks, which will call for renewed efforts. Each challenge will be met and the Agnesian will advance, perhaps slowly, but none-the-less surely, towards the ultimate goal of perfection in all that is noble and good. “For he who moves not forward, goes backward.”

Like the young hero, Agnesians are aware of all the pitfalls, trials and obstacles that may cause hindrance. Many a times, one may fall, but not for long. Then, the Agnesian will rise again, and muster all the weapons at her command, to battle against the forces that attempt to stifle her fearless cry, ‘Excelsior!’

Ever Higher, Ever Onward!

‘Ever Higher, Ever Onward!’



… Across the world have adopted this common watchword.
… Believe in progressing ever higher with renewed vision.
… Are never satisfied with the mediocre.
… Will conquer higher peaks which involve newer goals.
… Accept challenges and will capture fresh opportunities.
… Always strive towards perfection.
… Are aware of pitfalls and trials, but rise like lighted coals from amidst the ashes.
… Will battle against forces that attempt to stifle their mission.

School Flag

M. W. Bucher has said this of the American Flag: “A thoughtful mind when it sees the Nation’s Flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself, and whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly I the flag the Government, the principles, the truths, the history which belong to the nation that sets it forth.”

We need only substitute the word ‘School’ for ‘Nation’ in reading the above quotation to know what our School Flag should mean to us.

The School Flag is maroon in colour and bears on it the emblem of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary embroidered in gold. This emblem consists of the initials ‘JM’ encircled by a crown of thorns from which emanate rays of light. Surounding this, is a wreath of lilies.
This emblem of the nuns of Jesus and Mary represents for us the various stages we have to undergo to reach a complete understanding of God.

The wreath of lilies is the outermost circle. Lilies are a symbol of purity; and purity and cleanliness of heart are among the requisites for a closer union with God – in the words of Jesus, “Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall see God”.

It is only then that one’s spiritual faculties are in tune with God and we are ready to respond to and to resonate with the graces and the inspiration – represented by the rays of light given by God.

That such a state is not attained easily, but is one that has to be struggled for daily, is brought home to us by the encircling wreath of thorns.

The girls belonging to the Jesus and Mary fold can be truly proud to claim as their own, this emblem which proclaims the ardent desire to be closer to our Almighty and ever loving Lord and Master.

Every Jesus and Mary Institution, be it in the heart of a city throbbing with life and activity or be it hidden away in a remote village, has this emblem as a symbol of its desires and aspirations. To every Jesus and Mary girl, any house bearing this badge can only be “Home”; for the emblem serves as the bond which holds together that huge Jesus and Mary family, the members of which are scattered over the length and breadth of this wide world!