28th June 2020.

Doctors Our Real Heroes in white Coat.

When one opts for medicine, they are not opting for a career option that is like any other. Being a doctor is a blessing as it means taking care of those who need you the most, to help reduce suffering and save lives.

While the whole country is fighting against Covid-19 crisis, the ones on the front line are our doctors and healthcare workers, working excruciatingly hard for the welfare of the patients and to minimize the damage to the society due to the pandemic.

Remembering our doctors selfless service in the present-day scenario, Kokuyo Camlin conducted a virtual art competition, where children were asked to draw, paint or make a greeting card to felicitate our doctors and express our gratitude to our real heroes on the occasion of Doctors Day on 1st July 2020.

Three of our students – Khushi Mahesh Shanbhag, Tehzeeb Ali Shehzad and Dania Tasheen Ansari who participated in the competition received participation certificate. Winners for the same would be announced later.

Well done Children!