The farewell programme for the students of std X was held on 30th January. The programme began at 11am.

     The theme for the farewell was ‘You are a pearl of great price, God treasures you ‘. The programme began with lighting of the samai and the prayer service.


     A fantastic skit was put up by the students of std IX. The skit included many entertaining jokes, dances and most of all important values that one should inculcate in oneself.


      At the Agnesian Award Ceremony the award of ‘Star Agnesian for others’ was given to Sheen D’cruz.  Award of Agnesian for others from X-A was awarded to Ayesha Nagdawala, X-B Bhargavi Rao, X-C Saher  Shivkar and X-D Anam Malik. 


      To recollect happy  moments spent at St Agnes’ a power point presentation was showcased to the children.

At the end we had a dance performed by the Senior Council, followed by a sumptious lunch which was followed  by a jam session in the hall.



     The entire programme was a grand success. The students departed with sweet memories that they would cherish forever.


                                                                          Lourdes Fernandes

                                                                               IX A