The feast of St.Agnes our patroness is celebrated annually on the 21st of January.

The day commenced  with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr.George Rosario.Father stressed on the importance of having a pure heart just like St.Agnes.
Therafter the students assembled in the hall where the blessings of the Almighty was invoked by the lamp lighting ceremony by our principal Sr.Antonette.
The programme began with a short prayer service accompanied by a prayer dance.
    A skit along with a PowerPoint presentation on the life of St.Agnes,truly touched the hearts of one and all.
The celebration concluded with the distribution of a gift to all the students, the day ended on a happy note with a few words from our  principal on how on to be pure and chaste like St.Agnes.


 Happy Feast of St.Agnes to all.May she continue to guide,inspire and lead all especially the young.